Car Detailing Sydney Australia

Customer Most Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of vehicles do you detail?

We accept all kinds of vehicles, specialise in Cars, Bike and 4×4 for all types, makes, and models.Note motorcycle detailing requires a particular set of skills that you won’t find with every car detailer.

What types of defects on my car exterior can detailing fix?

As a detailer will try to fix a multitude of different kinds of damage on the exterior and interior surface of your vehicle ranging from light corrosion marks left by bird poo and tree sap, to swirls, marring and scratches. These imperfections are repaired by performing a machine polishing and paint correction service with specific cutting and polishing compounds, depending on the kind of paint being worked on. When it comes to painting chips, dings or dents, a touch-up specialist and paint-less dent removal technician will be required. For your convenience, Car Detailing Sydney has access to all these services for you in our Workshop.

How long does it take to finish an exterior wash?

Depending on how much work is involved if your car is dirty but a standard Exterior body detail the basic package will take around 1 hour that we dedicate and try to spark and shine your car as much as possible. Using our top and the best products that you will see and feel the difference to your standard car wash.

How long does it take to finish a full detailing package?

Unlike car washes, which normally last for 45 minutes or less, Our Complete car detailing may take up to a whole day to finish. For ceramic paint protection services, the vehicle will often then need to ‘cure’ overnight as well. This is quite understandable considering the different processes your car has to go through to regain its pristine appeal. Contact us for more information so that you can plan your day accordingly.

Which is better – wax, sealant, or ceramic coating?

The last phase of the car detailing process is the application of paint protection. Your car detailer wants to make sure that any repair they did on your car’s exterior will not oxidise too quickly, as well as offer additional protection from UV Rays to reduce paint fading. Applying paint protection seals-in the repair works, making your car appear brand new for longer.

There are a few types of paint protection they can use – carnauba wax, a polymer sealant, or a professional ceramic coating. While all three can provide a smooth, shiny finish to the exterior surfaces, a ceramic coating is a much harder coating that will protect from light scratches, while also acting as a durable UV shield to prevent paint fading. A ceramic paint protection that is hydrophobic will also cause “water beading”, which makes the vehicle much easier and faster to clean. Once applied, the coating will cure and turn completely transparent (often called a “glass” finish), giving you a brilliant sparkle and long-lasting protection. Prominent car detailers, such as Car Detailing Sydney, we use the highest quality paint protection products to achieve outstanding results.

What types of paint protection do you use?

We using superior products. There are many kinds of ceramic coatings we have available, some will only last a year or two and others will last longer! What kind of chemistry is used is also important to know to prevent the chemical reaction that causes rust. We use the most advanced among all commercially available paint protection products on the market.

How do you clean leather surfaces?

We are experienced detailers who know that each of the materials that comprise your vehicle’s exterior and interior surfaces requires a particular type of cleaning or polishing agent. Especially when cleaning or restoring leather, using the right chemical is critical to avoid damaging the material or pushing dirt and oil deeper into it. Make sure that the detailer has all the necessary cleaning products in their workshop.

Do you Sanitise, Bateria cleaning, deodorize the interior?

We offer these services in our packages before we give your vehicle back. What we believe a good would clean vehicle that you can breathe freely inside and smelling good and protect from bacteria and virus from building up.

How long before my car needs detailing again?

The immaculate appearance of your car, and paint protection services will certainly help you achieve that more easily, its overall durability will depend on how you take care of your car in the long run. No matter how excellent the detailing job on your vehicle is, if you fail to practice proper car care, it won’t take long before you need to go back to the detailer again. Even worse, your neglect may leave damage on your vehicle that even the best detailer in the country will not be able to fix. We suggest every week or monthly depends on how you want to maintain your car. For all vehicles that gets detailed by Car detailing Sydney, we will let you know how you can maintain your car so you can do it at your own time.